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Perhaps there was a time when the calling of the manager and that of the leader could be separated. A foreman in an industrial-era factory probably didn’t have to give much thought to what he was producing or to the people who were producing it. His or her job was to follow orders, organize the work, assign the right people to the necessary tasks, coordinate the results, and ensure the job got done as ordered. The focus was on efficiency.

But in the new economy, where value comes increasingly from the knowledge of people, and where workers are no longer undifferentiated cogs in an industrial machine, management and leadership are not easily separated. People look to their managers, not just to assign them a task, but to define for them a purpose. And managers must organize workers, not just to maximize efficiency, but to nurture skills, develop talent and inspire results.

The late management guru Peter Drucker was one of the first to recognize this truth, as he was to recognize so many other management truths. He identified the emergence of the “knowledge worker,” and the profound differences that would cause in the way business was organized.

With the rise of the knowledge worker, “one does not ‘manage’ people,” Mr. Drucker wrote. “The task is to lead people. And the goal is to make productive the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual.” – Alan Murray

What can business coaching do for you?

Helping you achieve your potential

What would it do for you if your executives and managers were all true leaders? What if your personnel, including co-workers and staff, were all leaders, instead of followers?

Default Tendencies– through years of experiences shape our beliefs and behaviors, we also develop default tendencies – meaning the way we tend to perceive and react to certain situations, circumstances, the environment around us, etc. Unless we have some way of getting a “reality check”, our default tendencies fire without us consciously noticing them, and we go on doing the same things we’ve always done, with the results being pretty much the same as well (and then we wonder why things don’t change).

Achieve five key goals

  • Eliminate micromanaging staff
  • Plan and develop an accountability system
  • Minimize company’s financial risk’s from lawsuits
  • Utilizes emotional awareness to see opportunity in difficult situations
  • Eliminate high turnovers due to abusive management style

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See improvements in your business

Our belief is that each person’s energy level varies based on the various aspects of life, including their job, or a part of their job. No two people have the same energetic makeup. Have you ever bought a stock? Like stock, your leadership level can go up, and it can go down, depending upon how you perceive and respond to what’s happening in your life and in the workplace. Your energy leadership determines your energetic makeup, viewpoint of the world, physical and mental health, ability to lead, and level of success. Businesses can greatly benefit from learning how to raise and maintain their overall consciousness and energetic leadership level.

This is done by a process called the law of attraction. It’s about reframing and refocusing negatives to create positives, or at best, manifesting what you want by shifting your perspective and focus. It’s about the Law of Being. This means when you raise your overall level of consciousness, you don’t have to change or create new thoughts. Your natural default thoughts will always be attracting success. We call this the Automatic Abundance Attractor.

Our business energy leadership coach training program will: