Leadership is the art of getting
someone else to do something
you want done because he wants
to do it. – Dwight Eisenhower

United DAY of Women Brunch

LCR Coaching USW Kokomo

United DAY of Women Brunch – Bob Evans!!!

Be what you wish other’s would be! #powerpurposeplan.

SAVE THE DATE…Saturday, April 22nd “A United Day of Women” from 10:30-1:00 at (Bob Evan’s – 2040 S Reed Rd, Kokomo Indiana).

Come out and relive the 2016 USW Power Brunch, reconnect with the all the amazing women, and hear about the exciting plans for 2017.


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2016- City of Firsts United State of Women Power Brunch Was a Success

LCR Coaching USW Power Brunch

LCR Coaching USW Power Brunch

November 8, 2016

LCR Coaching News Release
For immediate release
Contact : Kalena James. owner, LCR Coaching LLC, kalenajames@lcrcoaching.com

“The City of Firsts United State of Women Power Brunch”

Kokomo, Ind. – The Power Brunch may be over but uniting our women has just begun.

The City of Firsts United State of Women Power Brunch was such a huge success. Hosted by Kalena James the owner of LCR Coaching, over 85 powerhouse community women attended the brunch at the Casa Bella Banquet hall on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Ladies laughed, cried, and were inspired by so many great women and their journey to success who live right here in their community.

The United State of Women Movement was birthed from the heartbeat of our very own White House. Run by our Civic Nation, The United State of Women organization gives a loudspeaker to the importance of women equality and provides a stage for addressing issues such as, Economic Empowerment, Health & Wellness, Educational Opportunities, Violence against Women, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Leadership & Civic Engagement. To learn more about the United State of Women Organization, visit unitedstateofwomen.org.

Kokomo Women Shared a Wealth of Wisdom:
Acknowledged by the national Movement “The City of Firsts USW Power Brunch” brought women together to celebrate their community accomplishments, provided an opportunity to network, offered a platform for ladies to address their uncertainties about their professional and personal growth, and inspire change makers present to take action in their community.

Western High School Education Counselor Ashlee Shoaff, IUK Chancellor Susan Sciame Giesecke, CEO of Blissfully Simple Events Crista Tharp, Trinity Breakthrough Coaching Owner & Lead Coach Danille Williams, Avon USA District Field Training Manager Dee Thornton, IUK School of Business Lecturer Gloria Preece, Family Impact Institute, Purdue University Dr. Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller, Inspiration for Life Dr. Kimberly Morris, Esther’s Place Boutique Sharon Reed-Corbett, and Project Access Executive Director Sherry Rahl were present to offer their wisdom and best practices for success.

Toys for Tots:
A special shout-out to Dee Thornton, the District Manager for Avon and the United States Marines for having Toys for Tots present during the event. Ladies were able to help participate in providing children in need a gift for the Holiday Season by purchasing Avon’s Annie the Owl.

LeAnn Devine – The message was strong and clear, we all are battling how to achieve our goals with dignity and respect. My number one favorite part about this event that I absolutely loved was the diversity. We have to have more if we plan to move forward as women, as a society.

Dr. Kimberly Morris – It was truly an honor to serve as an elite panelist. Each detail of the day represented a labor of love to us. We opened our hearts and broke down barriers. We made lifelong connections. Can’t wait till next year! My RSVP is YES!

Sandra Young – I loved the diversity, the deep sharing, the spiritual love that was blanketed over our table was incredible! I felt filled to the brim even before the distinguished panel started. I expected to hear lots of wisdom (which I did), but I didn’t expect it to be our questions being answered. That was refreshing & educational.

Community Sponsors:
Z92.5, Solutions Day Spa, Aspen Dental, IUK, dressbarn, Avon, Merle Norman, New Life Worship Center, Purdue University, Starbucks, Indulgence Bakery, Esther’s Place Boutique, Crista Tharp-Blissfully Simple, Trinity Breakthrough Coaching, Project Access, and Today’s Nails.

Save the Date!
The next City of Firsts USW Power Brunch will be on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 11:00am – 3:00pm at the Casa Bella Event Center 3001 S. Webster – Kokomo IN. Like us on Facebook @USWPowerBrunch to receive more information about our upcoming community activities for women.

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Luncheon Celebrating Women in Business – LCR

Luncheon Celebrating Women in Business LCR

Luncheon Celebrating Women in Business – LCR

For Kalena James, the Heartland Women in Business Luncheon was an opportunity to network with other successful women, but it was also an opportunity to be recognized.

James was one of six women honored for their success in Indiana businesses Tuesday during the lunch, hosted by the Kokomo Tribune and Pharos-Tribune of Logansport. She is the founder and owner of the LCR Coaching Business Leadership Company in Kokomo.

The women were nominated for the award. Anyone can nominate a woman they think deserves the award. The women were chosen based on how they balance their career, family life and community involvement. Employees of both newspapers chose the six women who won the award this year.

Grace Ebikwo is a friend of James and attended the lunch to honor her. Ebikwo also brought her daughter, Favour, because she wanted to show her that women can be successful business owners.

Ebikwo said of her daughter. “The sky’s the limit.”

Favour Ebikwo is 19 and just about to start her freshman year at Indiana University Kokomo. Her mother said it was great to show Favour what her future can look like “It’s great to see everyday women who have taken great strides to come this far,” Grace Ebikwo said.

James’ husband, Vaughn James, also attended with their grandson, Jaden. “I think it’s very special that she’s being honored,” he said. “She works hard.”

Several local business owners attended the event and set up booths with merchandise and information about their businesses. Amber Noone attended and showcased her store, Bash Boutique, which carries women’s apparel, jewelry and candles. She opened the business two years ago because she wanted to do something meaningful. Kristy Church owns a toy store in Wabash. Her store sells several brands that support different causes or are environmentally friendly. For example, she sells Tegu toys, which are made in Honduras and support working families there, she said. The lunch was a good opportunity to meet other business owners and show off her store, she said.

Sharon Reed Corbett was the guest speaker for the event. She talked about the importance of finding mentors and being open to taking the next step in a career. “You did not get to this point in your life by yourself,” she said during her speech. She also talked about promoters and partners – people who either push people to be better, or people who hold others back. She encouraged everyone to think of the people who are for them, rather than against them. “I’m for you,” she said, wrapping up her speech. 

Kokomo Tribune- Caele Pemberton




The City of Firsts – “United State of Women” Power Brunch

LCR Coaching Kalena James Power Brunch

Kalena James - LCR Coaching

Kalena James Owner of LCR Coaching Host of the City of Firsts United State of Women Power Brunch

Kalena James Owner of LCR Coaching Host of the City of Firsts United State of Women Power Brunch

Kalena James Owner of LCR Coaching Host of the City of Firsts United State of Women Power


Being a leader is not about being a messenger!


How many of us have had managers like this?  Managers that believe that ordering people around is a great example of leadership.  Often times I see managers define good leadership as someone who is firm, direct and able to order others around.  This type of leading only creates puppets in the workplace.  Listen, I have seen this type of delegation way too many times.  Managers constantly complain about staff not taking ownership of their work, not being passionate about what they do, and not giving the details of the job the attention it deserves.  Why is this? 

Being a leader is not about being a messenger.  Being a leader is about being the message you want others to be. 

Managers must create engagement by creating the culture they want to see.  How do you create this type of environment?  It starts with looking at the man in the middle…YOU.

Today’s generation of men and women in the workplace want to be inspired by something more than work tasks and deadlines.  They’re not interested in working long hours for a manager that is not motivating.  They want managers who are passionate, authentic, energetic and empathetic.  Don’t get me wrong…staff need to be monitored and managed with a structured environment with boundaries.  But they also need something…a cause personally or professional. Employee ownership only comes from being inspired by what they see in the leaders and the message that is consistently conveyed by the company. Staff also wants a manager that is driven by honest and transparent intentions, share in the weight of maintaining the success of the office. 


Dream Big!

Kalena James


Kokomo Indiana Heartland Magazine

Heartland 20162

Kokomo Indiana Heartland Magazine


Wow!…Just WOW! I am first humbled to have been nominated by my community and honored to have been awarded the prestigious title of being a North Central Kokomo Indiana Heartland Magazine Premier Women in Business.

The magazine recognizes six outstanding professional women who have made significant contributions to their organizations, their professions and the Heartland community.

The full color spread features each recipient and their story of success. The magazine also recognizes other influential women business leaders in our surrounding area that are also making a difference in the lives of those they impact. A celebratory reception will be held on August 16th.

Thank you community for nominating me and my company http://lcrcoaching.com and Kokomo Tribune Heartland Magazine for this award. I’m very proud to be apart of the class of 2016. It is an honor to receive this award and to be amongst the caliber of women featured. They are truly making a difference in the lives of those they impact. I look forward to meeting most of them at the reception.

Warm Regards,

Kalena Fitzgerald James

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What’s Holding You Back??

Kalena James

Kalena James

Kalena James – Owner of LCR Coaching LLC


It’s Time to Upgrade Your GPS

Kalena James

What’s on your mind?  Did you know that your thoughts are driving you to your destination! Don’t like were you’re headed? 1st upgrade your GPS, there’s a lot of new construction out here.  2nd change the address in your GPS, you got the wrong one!